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  1. Not Fiverr profile picture..! I want to know about Fiverr Forum profile cover photo size or ratio.
  2. I want to live there where Human being cares about each other and other living beings. A place where hatred does not exist. A place where all Human beings gets respect equally. And a place where my Parents would be. 🙂
  3. Yeah .. It's so confusing .. Many vaccines are already invented but none of them works 100%. There is a possibility of getting corona even after vaccination. How can we trust.. ?
  4. Agree with you.. Not just dark mode.. few other color variation would be great.. 🙂
  5. Greetings Anyone knows about Fiverr forum profile cover photo file size and image aspect ratio.. ? Is there any limit..? Regards SajibJewel
  6. I must say this.. This new Fiverr Forum is awesome.. Page Designs are the best.. 🙂
  7. Fiverr want us to pay $29 per month for getting priority…! lol… 😃 For your information, my monthly earning is $0 here on Fiverr. What a great idea… 😃 😃
  8. Thanks for your valuable advice… 🙂
  9. Wish to become a successful seller in this year… Time to create a new gig again… 😃
  10. Agree with you… I am facing with the same issue… Millions of freelancer here now… So it’s kind of impossible for buyers to notice new sellers or to switch to new sellers… 😦 We will always be as a New Sellers… 😃 Be proud of it… 😃 😃 😃
  11. Well, such a girl has not been born yet who is gonna spend millions just to marry a man… 😃 That’s why I have created that topic as a funny topic… And I am happy that people enjoyed it very much… 😃 😃
  12. Yeah; I am sooooo talented… 🙂 Thank you, thank you…
  13. Woman are so talented you know… They don’t like unsuccessful person… They always follow only established people… So right now I believe they won’t invest their time and money on me… 😛 I am working on that… 😃
  14. From when artificial intelligence started following our social account…? 😃
  15. I was freaked out a bit when it says You Are Logged Out while I was trying to create a Topic… 😃
  16. Welcome to Fiverr community… 🙂
  17. Did he/she used your Gig Image too…?
  18. Someone watching over you… And I believe they will be Fiverr stuff and Developers who controls Fiverr algorithm… Maybe they fixed it… Who knows…! Have you contacted The Fiverr Support about this issue…?
  19. Point is to find out if they are able to raise rating or not… You should tell them not to count this order as because it’s not your fault…
  20. Contact Fiverr Support and describe everything with proof … They will handle it 100%.
  21. Lucky man… 🙂 Maybe my luck is traveling somewhere… ! 😃
  22. I started as buyer 2017, made 400 worth orders, I got 10 value back. All rest first claimed it is vector, then it is OK, then that their father is dying or someone is dying, dont ask for refund. Maybe they really had issue with their life… who knows…!
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