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  1. Not Fiverr profile picture..! I want to know about Fiverr Forum profile cover photo size or ratio.
  2. I want to live there where Human being cares about each other and other living beings. A place where hatred does not exist. A place where all Human beings gets respect equally. And a place where my Parents would be. 🙂
  3. Yeah .. It's so confusing .. Many vaccines are already invented but none of them works 100%. There is a possibility of getting corona even after vaccination. How can we trust.. ?
  4. Agree with you.. Not just dark mode.. few other color variation would be great.. 🙂
  5. Greetings Anyone knows about Fiverr forum profile cover photo file size and image aspect ratio.. ? Is there any limit..? Regards SajibJewel
  6. I must say this.. This new Fiverr Forum is awesome.. Page Designs are the best.. 🙂
  7. Fiverr want us to pay $29 per month for getting priority…! lol… 😃 For your information, my monthly earning is $0 here on Fiverr. What a great idea… 😃 😃
  8. Thanks for your valuable advice… 🙂
  9. Wish to become a successful seller in this year… Time to create a new gig again… 😃
  10. Agree with you… I am facing with the same issue… Millions of freelancer here now… So it’s kind of impossible for buyers to notice new sellers or to switch to new sellers… 😦 We will always be as a New Sellers… 😃 Be proud of it… 😃 😃 😃
  11. Well, such a girl has not been born yet who is gonna spend millions just to marry a man… 😃 That’s why I have created that topic as a funny topic… And I am happy that people enjoyed it very much… 😃 😃
  12. Yeah; I am sooooo talented… 🙂 Thank you, thank you…
  13. Woman are so talented you know… They don’t like unsuccessful person… They always follow only established people… So right now I believe they won’t invest their time and money on me… 😛 I am working on that… 😃
  14. From when artificial intelligence started following our social account…? 😃
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