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  1. Hey guys. :hugs: Today I made it to level 2 in Fiverr. I decided to share my journey with you especially for the new sellers. First of all, I wanna tell you that I am not a pro in Fiverr. :crazy_face: I am an undergraduate student at Sri Lankan government university. Due to the pandemic, our university was closed about a year ago for sake of the students’ health. Oneday I just saw a video on Youtube about Fiverr. LOL. So I created an account and make a gig by watching some YT videos. After creating my gig I waited waited waited for 3 weeks and WHOHA!!! I just got two orders from the same person repeatively. I did his job with my best of best and he was so pleased. That was my first earning in foreign currency which is $4. 😛 With that start, I came this far with roughly 06 months with a single gig. (Now I have 2 gigs 😛) So I am very happy about myself. Now I have some money to spend on my university expenses when it starts again. So I just wanna tell you. Please don’t give up! Keep fighting. Do your best of best for every client. treat them very well. Make some repetitive clients because they will save you definitely. don’t try to cheat your clients. There are no shortcuts to long-lasting happiness Regards -Dil 3.16 AM (Sri Lanka) 🇱🇰
  2. Thank you for making my mind calm 🙂
  3. Thanks! I will read this. I haven’t read this article this before. 🙂
  4. Hello guys… Hope you all are fine and healthy. <3 I am currently a level 1 seller, but I have completed my level 2 requirements a week ago. I think I will receive my level 2 seller badge on the 15 of June. Since I have completed $2000 in Fiverr. My gig performance went really bad. Now I am getting around 500 impressions per day and “0” clicks. 😕 I was so confused about this. I wanna know, is this underperforming thing a normal thing or something wrong with my gig? Really need your advice on this! Regards -Dil
  5. Hello Guys! I am confused about something. Which is, I had a total of 15k impressions and about 350 clicks to my gig for the last 14 days. But I only got 30 orders so far. Is that normal? Is there anything wrong with my gig? I am expecting your opinion on this 😕 If you can please suggest to me some solutions for that it will be highly appreciated. Regards -Dil <3
  6. I will try to do as you said… Thank you so much!
  7. Hello Guys… I am confused about something… I had a new client recently. after a little discussion, we agreed on 70 photos to edit. But this client sent me 90 photos. What should I do? Do I edit 70 images as discussed or just do 90 silently? Help me!. Thanks!
  8. Thank you so much… Now I feel some proud… I am worth person to copy to someone 🙂
  9. Thank you so much for the clarification dear <3
  10. Good or bad will be decided by the regulations of Fiverr, Something which we usually think good might not be as good as that on the platform. As sellers we must do what Fiverr ask us to do in specific situations. To do that you need to read and understand the terms of service document in full. Trust me it’s very important. Proud to find more Sri Lankans on the platform. 🇱🇰 Thanks for the clarification! Yeah Me too… Nice to meet a Sri Lankan same as me <3
  11. You should also report this older/original message as spam and block the Seller. Fiverr Terms of Service: Thanks, @imagination7413 I will surely report next time. I don’t like to violate TOS or to help the violate TOS. really appreciate your comment 🙂
  12. A cynic may quote: “No good deed goes unpunished.” An optimist may quote: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” A regular seller will just report the gig and move on. Thank you so much… really appreciate. I will tell her to do changes of gig if she didn’t agreed on that I will report her. Now I understand what should I do when such message come to my inbox. Thanks again!
  13. Which you’re not supposed to do in my opinion. When someone comes in and ask such, you may better mark them as spams because its not related to your work, and redirect them to the forum if you really will. Forum is here to discuss about such things not the chat. Thank you very much and In next time I will ask them to come forum and mark as spam. being a good person sometimes will have bad paybacks 😕
  14. Hey guys. I am so confused about some incident that happened to me yesterday which was that I received a message from a new seller and he asked me for some tips for getting the first order on Fiverr. So I told him some tips about how I got my first order a week ago I guess. Yesterday I visited her profile and… woha!!! I saw an exact replica of my gig with my description, price listing, everything. the gig images that he using have a very tiny difference from mine. I am so angry and disappointed about this new seller. What can I do about it? Please give me a hand on this matter. Regards -DIll <3
  15. Yeah I think that too… May be fiverr needs to introduce choose seller level option for buyer requests as well…
  16. Hello everyone… First of all… My mother tongue is not English so there will be some grammar mistakes. Apologies for that! 🙃 Most recently, I have discovered in the buyer request section that lots of sellers are posting buyer requests for which they are already selling services on Fiverr. Someone can think “oh he/she is drop-servicing on Fiverr. why you so bother so much”. But after going to that seller’s profile they haven’t any ratings or even a single order but they are asking exactly what they are doing service on Fiverr. Also, they are posting their youtube links by saying that “go to this link and see what I am looking for” such things. they are drawing traffic to their channel from Fiverr. And some of them are sharing ad click links to gain clicks through BRs. Why people are doing these kinds of things? Why are they misuse the Buyer request facility? We only have 10 BRs per day. How we make an offer with confidence in this situation? I hope you guys are having the same problem… So, Let’s share our thoughts… Have a good day! Thanks -Dil <3
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