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  1. Just now, sonyteam said:

    people think that freelancing is one of the easiest profession where people can be billionar easily.

    but in reality, freelancing is going to be hard profession where you can not survive your family in the fast time, there needs to be patient. if you can not be patient, you can not continue your freelancing career.


    When your income has starting to come your moneybag, then your life will get little happiness of freelancing.


    Best of luck

    Thanks. @sonyteam. Looking forward to getting the money bucket from clients. Just kidding. 

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  2. Just now, mariashtelle1 said:

    Being a freelancer is not easy. It's basically like running your own business and no one can guarantee that you will be making money. 

    when you open your gig, you only let your services to be visible of a marketplace however it's a very different story how attractive your services are, how many pinpoints can it solve for your clients, what is the quality of your service and if your potential clients can see it just from your gig and from your gig pictures. 

    It's a hard work figuring out how to earn money while being a freelance and just staying online wouldn't do the trick. 

    Yup. That's right. I'm curious to know more about this myth of being active on Fiverr. But what you've got is close to my point of view. Thank you, Maria.

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