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  1. https://www.fiverr.com/nurulalamdesign/design-a-unique-youtube-banner-and-logo Check out my youtube banner channel art for just 5$
  2. I can't create a new gig? when I save pricing it shows" We're sorry, but the gig failed to save. Please save it again. "
  3. Even though I can't be very active, I still try to do things as well as I can.https://www.fiverr.com/nurulalamdesign/design-a-unique-youtube-banner-and-logo
  4. same thing happened with me, the buyer asked me extra free work but i denied then the buyer gave me 2.2 star can you believe it . After this incident i didn't get much order and no buyer request. Now overall 4.8 star total.
  5. Today i got a new order. I got it through buyer request
  6. How to check gig impression? @ridwansugi
  7. you can share your work on twitter linkedin instagram and behance as well.
  8. Hey welcome to the fiverr forum . Have a good day
  9. welcome to the community . @nazmulsdesign
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