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  1. I do not think there is a magic trick that’d help you get orders. Just do as much to get yourself up on the search pages, use proper keywords in your gig, send requests and be hopeful. Bottom-line is to provide unique services, so as ensure that your clients are pleased with your services.
  2. Been on Fiverr for not a long period, but I have definitely noticed some things. Actually a lot of things! Logo(& Graphics in general) Design is undoubtedly the the most crowded category here on Fiverr, filled with a larger percentage of unprofessional people who would actually opt for free “Logo Maker” and other resources to create generic designs and deliver the so called project. Among such competition, It is really difficult to thrive, despite one’s skills! Personally, I want my works to speak for themselves. Putting in the right and appropriate amount of time, energy, and dedication into every project, with my skills would definitely result in unique designs. BE UNIQUE!
  3. Maybe tweak your gig? Check your gig images, are they attractive? Is your gig video short and precise? Would anyone actually click on you gig? When they do, would they actually see what they want? Is your Description detailed? Are you making use of FAQ? Answers these questions, put them to use and there might be positive changes. Might be new to Fiverr, definitely not to freelancing. Wish you well in your Fiverr journey!
  4. Haha! Amazing illustration I must say. I would actually love if you share the original concept behind this beautiful piece . 😃
  5. Whao, those are really high numbers! How long have you been on here ?
  6. Hey everyone, I just got on Fiverr recently, not up to a month ago. Despite such competitive category I found myself In, I got trusted by some, to work on their projects, and I could proudly say they are all satisfied with the quality of job I delivered. According to my knowledge from research and learning from other’s experience, I think the bottom line of being successful as a Fiverr seller or Freelancer (generally), is by rendering excellent services. Deliver as exactly as promised, or maybe more. Never less! Also, it is key to not see Fiverr as a quick money-making scheme. Set out here to provide professional services. I wish myself and every Freelancer here, whose sole intention is to provide excellent services, huge success in the long run! We would like to learn more from more experienced sellers such as those with Top Rated and Level Two Seller badges, Kindly drop tips to maintaining a proper Fiverr life. Happy New Year Everyone!
  7. Hello everyone, I have been on Fiverr for a short while now, Job hunting hasn’t been the smoothest thing really. Could anyone here with a lot of experience kindly leave behind tips and thing to do which would pop up ones impressions, views, clicks, and of course orders through the roof?
  8. Hey Everyone, My Name is James & I’m a designer. Just recently I decided to bring my skills here on Fiverr. Got my account set up and thankfully, I got an order already. And as promised on my gigs, I delivered the Job perfectly such that the buyer loved it! She in fact tipped me 😃 It’s a good thing I made the decision of bringing my services on here. Can’t wait to create more amazing designs and rendering perfect services ! Cheers to the holiday season! 💥
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