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  1. Hello! <3 (I am sorry for my english, I am german so sorry if I spell something wrong) I have a questions about the earnings. Like, I earned about 50 dollars the past week and I can’t transfer it to my paypal account. It says ‘‘net income’’ and I read something in the internet that you can only transer withdrawn to paypal or something like this… I really want to transfer it to my paypal because I want to buy something with the money. Can you help me how I can transfer it? Thank you for your answers! <3
  2. Welcome here! I am a newbie too, nice to meeet you! <3
  3. Welcome here! I am a newbie too, nice to meet you. <3
  4. But I did not finish more designs yet, it will take about 1-2 weeks till I have enough content to create 7 gigs.
  5. Thanks a lot! What do you exactly mean with ‘‘send buyer request’’?
  6. Hello, pleasure to meet you. ❤️ My name is Amu and I am new on fiverr. I am a passionate graphic designer, video editor and Illustrator. I also posted my first gig less than one day ago! Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!
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