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  1. True, SO true, yet people keep searching for another answer… The super short and super easy tips that are crammed into one little paragraph. I get the feeling someone might leave a comment like “OK thank you for the tips, so now what do I do to get sales?” 😫 I completely agree, so now how do I get sales???
  2. Reading your message with that amount of fullfilment is super inspiring. Congratulations!! I just watched Pixar’s “Soul” and immediately made the connection while seeing the post.
  3. Good suggestion. I didn’t thought about a video, sounds like a good idea, or maybe some screenshots of translated texts? Since the main focus is text, not really voice atm. And that’s true btw, haven’t really checked the amount of gigs honestly (I see a lot of niches veeery well occupied!) Thanks for your message. Happy gigging too!
  4. Thanks Mehedi, and a great 2021 as well.
  5. Hi all! My name is Erick and I recently discovered this forum. I’m just starting on Fiverr, little by little, of course. By the way, I want to wish you a happy Christmas and a good time overall in your personal & professional life.
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