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  1. Para mi es interesante y útil lo que has abordado en el tema aunque sea viejo se mantiene con valor actual .Gracias.
  2. Felicitaciones, todo esfuerzo merece ser premiado.Exitos 🥳
  3. Hi and thanks. Which do you consider to be a better DAW?
  4. Oh yeah It’s the best idea. I only had a question if I had a file created in Audacity and I would like to improve it with RX8, if it lost quality? But I agree with your criteria. Thank you thank you thank you for being there.
  5. Hello, I have a doubt when editing my audios if someone can help me I appreciate the good intention. the question is If I don’t have the (plugin rx8 voice) from noise to cite just one example, within Audacity or another audio suite. But I have the complete Izotope RX8. Could you first record and edit the audio in Audacity, then export to the PC and then import to Izotope RX8 to apply the plugins you want? Would it have the same result or would it not have the same result, recording and mastering in two different suites? Please someone there?
  6. Hello, I made changes to the description, your help was very good if you can, give it a little look. On other things, I’m still working a thousand thanks.
  7. Your comment is very helpful, I will continue working to improve the work.What do you think should be a good attack time?Thank you very very much!
  8. I am very happy for your help. I will work on what you tell me right now.
  9. I have very much appreciated your welcome to me.
  10. Hi,thank you. I think it will be a challenge. I hope to achieve it.
  11. Here I am a new voice talent on Fiverr, enjoying the platform and its awesome interesting jobs and workers. I would appreciate your comments on my gig, https://es.fiverr.com/yusimibarrero, which will surely help me grow. I look forward to reading them. Have a nice day.
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