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  1. Every time a buyer sends me a new message or attatchment through the gig page I have to refresh the page before I can see it. This is very inconveinient having to refresh the page all of the time like that when my regular inbox updates in real time.
  2. Thank you, will do. I'm not sure what to do with these orders he has placed in attempt to fake review bomb me, I guess I'll leave them for now and ask CS to delete them.
  3. Today I have been contacted by a user who placed an order with me a while ago and has waited a month to tell me about an issue with a piece of code I wrote for them. Now their attacking me in DM threatening to report me for scamming, saying quote "I will spend $1000 to bring your fake 5 star rating down to 1 ⭐️" without attempting to resolve with me first and I would probably have helped them. Now this buyer is placing orders and putting quote "fix your shit" as the order requirements. I am not quite sure what approach to take here so any advice would be welcome.
  4. It is red because he has not met the requirements for the next level
  5. This is the strategy I’ve been using up until now but the customer keeps on going. It doesn’t look like they have any intention of doing anything but waste my time.
  6. Nothing, they just hurl abuse at me saying I “ruined everything” and they will be “cutting ties”.
  7. The problem here is that they’re refusing to accept the delivery or cancel, they’re requeting revisions over and over again. I have a 2 page PDF document detailing the work done and screenshot proof of the commit history of the git the work was done on.
  8. I have a customer who placed an order like usual, we went through and set up a trello board and a git with a plan of where we were going to develop his server, all is normal so far, buyer is very cooperative. After around 5-6 hours of work, I’ve completed all of his requirements in the scope plus some extras that I felt were fundamental to the security of the server and at this point I noticed I’m kicked from the trello board and git. I queried the customer about it and 48h later he replied saying they wish to cut ties due to quote, “we saw how you talked to people on discords” end quote and that they will be charging back. I’m not sure how this has any relavance to my professional account especially since my discord is not only an external account but is in no way linked to my fiverr profile, does not have the same name, picture or anything but regardless I have not in my personal opinion verbally abused any person in a public discord whilst representing either myself or my pseudonym. What should I do in this situation, am I going to lose out on my time and money here or is this a salvageable situation? Edit: I do have screenshot evidence of all the work done on the trello board and github as well as proof that the customer removed me and proceeded to ghost me.
  9. How are my customers able to requests revisions on a gig with revisions disabled :thinking:
  10. fb30c34974391dc7a92dd7d3cecee4f41246×316 20.5 KB My gig got hit by a bus over night a few days ago and still hasn’t recovered, this last week I’ve had 2 nightmare customers, one of them placed an order and wrote “don’t have” in all of the requirements and cancellled and another left a 1 star review and reported me for giving them an “incomplete delivery” since then my gig has been sent into the shadow realm 🙁
  11. Yep, I’ve been sent offers detailing about a lot of development work and they put the budget as $5-10 not sure if they’re just from low income countries or they’re just cheap but I find it laughable and insulting when they lowball me by so much.
  12. Contact CS, showing your phone number on a public forum is not a good idea at all.
  13. Yeah you do that and they close the ticket again and stop replying.
  14. In my experience you just get put through to a supervisor who marks the ticket as closed and doesn’t let you reply to it and refuses to answer to you.
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