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  1. Correction. I do receive some orders now and then that too from previous clients. My impressions,clicks and overall orders have totally dropped substancially when compared to previous months I receive like 2 orders a week used to be 10+ a day back then Sorry for the confusion . My bad
  2. Hey there! I have been selling on the FIverr platform for about 2 years now and I’ve noticed that over the past few months I have barely received any Click,Impressions or Orders on my profile I have tried out a lot of things and played around with the gig title,gig image,gig video,keywords,pricing etc but to no avail I tried the “Promoted Gigs” feature for about 3 days and then My gig was somehow “unqualified” and has been that way ever since What do you recommend I do? Thanks in advance
  3. okay for the heads up.will surely work on it Thanks. Keep Hustling!
  4. lowering my price is actually the last thing I did. I just want to get the momentem back. I feel that’s what I have lost on my profile
  5. I have been selling on the Fiverr platform since November 2019 and I have made gradual progress month by month (up unti 3 months ago). Now I am a level 2 seller with about 1000 reviews on my profile. For the last 3 months I have not gotten consistent sales on my account I have tried the following 1)Changed pricing and went back to $5 from $15 per video edit 2)Added bundle package to offer clients more options to choose from 3)Changed Gig Video twice and also tried multiple gig images to boost clicks 4)Optimized different key words and changed gig SEO title accordingly 5) Tried promoting on Social media platforms What should I do to fix this? Thanks
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