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  1. I do not understand what you mean? I mean that all gigs are on shopify I don’t change just I try to change title of gig and get warning.
  2. Thanks but I just edit my gig title so that can’t Davy and get warning and my active gig also denied so I removed that gig
  3. Hi have a good day , Can any one help me to quation why my gig change I am trying to change price or create new gig its going to option of ToC plz check screenshot and help me and when I edit title my gig was fail to and go to denied and not approve of my active gig. IMG_20210213_0048113968×2976 2.36 MB
  4. i think your should share it to social media groups
  5. Hi I am a new seller I want to rank my gig on 1st page i am not getting sales nowadays so any help how I rank my gig
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