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  1. I agree with my friend @jonbaas. He always gives good advice.
  2. I agree with you too. Because now most of the buyer requests are fake. Not everyone is like that but there are some buyers who are like that. Right I am a Level 2 seller on fiverr. And I never work on a budget less than my fair share. I don’t know, maybe you are not able to explain the value of your skills and your time so that's why you can’t able increase their low budget to high price. Usually at first everyone wants to get his work at a lower price (just like you do when you go to the market to buy anything). This does not mean that you have to do his job. If you have a problem with his budget then you can just avoid it.
  3. ORDER COMPLETED ON BUYER REQUEST🤑 Did you want to know about my proposal trick and tips? [Many months later, again I have started sending buyer request proposals. Most of the time I send a day 4-5 offers out of 10 and get 2 to 3 client messages from these. Secret, I never use any of the previously written templates or copy-paste.] 👉👉 Share your buyer request proposal that you write in your proposal.




  5. If you think you have created your gig perfectly and published properly. Then I can suggest to you that you should wait patiently now and try to stay as active in the Fiverr as possible (If you are a new seller). If you want to know more, read the posts and comments of others by taking time in the forum, then you will know a lot. This topic has been discussed many times before.
  6. Are you saying this advice from your own experience? Although I saw that there is no work review in your profile... Hopefully you are also active 18 hours everyday, so why aren't you getting orders yet?
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