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  1. 11 order mean level one great even i have not get a single one. 😦
  2. you are top rated seller can you share your success story that how you get your first order…
  3. In future did we should send the message to the past client for any work
  4. can you share your success story about to get your first order
  5. welcome to out little family. best of your luck .
  6. i do about 330 request followed all tip and rules but not even response except two. can you give me some impressive strong template/ request
  7. used less competition key tags and through biding u can easily get your first order
  8. Hey frank! hope you doing well. its my first event to join. did I receive some link or something other to join the event…
  9. each and everything is ready just wait for you to start the excited event
  10. i did but not get my first order. i join fiver recently. any suggestions
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