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  1. Hi, it has been a while since I last connected to Fiverr, mostly because of commitments. When I work on my gigs I experience an increase in the engagement when I make small daily edits on the single gigs. Try and let me know. :)
  2. Just for curiosity, how long dit it take you to place the first order?
  3. Thank you would be great, sorry for the ignorance what do you mean with VO?
  4. By improving your gigs, this means having a catchy cover and description which distinguish you from other users. I am working on it too 🙂
  5. If I am very active on the forum is there a chance to boost my adversiting for my gigs? Thank you Philipp
  6. How do I send the buyer a request, i would like to share my skills and help others. Thank you Philipp
  7. Hi I am new on fiver. I edit photos and videos.
  8. I am Philipp from Italy, I love to cut videos and edit photos. I will give my best in order to help you.
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