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  1. it is violation of fiverr TOS. don't do it again
  2. isn't efficient to share your gig in social media because they are not your potential customer. you have only friends and foamily in you social media. Thanks! Sayonara 👋
  3. you can minor edit in your gig. if you edit image then don't touch other things leave it same as previous. at a time you can edit one things.
  4. you can edit your gigs, if isn't work then delete it and upload it again with new keywords.
  5. Im not agreed with these guys, because your social media, their are no buyer exist. these are full with your foamily and friends and they are not your customer. yes you can gain your gigs impression but it was not organic impression.
  6. at a time you will get one level, even you complete level 2 requirements.
  7. may be you not trik your platform when you open your gigs
  8. good to hear, thanks for your valuable information
  9. yeah! I'm agreed with you, Every gig is kind of shop, so why not??? anyway I have 7 shops 😆
  10. thanks for your valuable information
  11. I think you can't open your gig properly. make sure you have proper SEO title, image SEO, description, be careful don't copy descriptions from other people. write your own method And push keywords in your description. for the main keyword push 4 times and for the rest of the keywords push 3 times. also, the image will be eye-catchy, less text more visibility. Also you can send buyer request to get your first order, don't copy and paste same things, read buyer requirements and describe how can you do that with your portfolio or some of works.
  12. Reading long paragraphs is boring!!!! and Don't copy paste your proposal Some of buyers they don't have much time to read. you have to read the job and understand. then simple 2/3 line describe how you can do this job complete and send related project what you have done before. Happy Freelancing !!!
  13. i think you got warning that why! it will take 20 days may be but next month you will get Level One sure
  14. Your point are so good, but first you have to implement these before you share. i hope you get it.
  15. Hey, You said social media member not our potential customer, so that how can i get customer if i share tricks and tips and skills bla blaaa. even there isn't potential customer in my accounts.
  16. send buyer request, and try to impress buyer with your previous works or live site you have done.
  17. It is simple just need your NID card Clear pictures both side and your selfish.
  18. Hey There You can write one template message and send your old clients. Message should be like that EID OFFER i'm giving discount for eid ul-adha you can make your ("your Services") like website at (Offer price). when ever your old client buy your services then your gig will be rank.
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