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  1. don’t worry, it takes time to get started on this site, try to send buyers requests as much as you can, you will get an order eventually Good luck !
  2. you need to scan your ID card or passport (or take a photo of one of them by your laptop)
  3. thank you so much for the tip, but I have already wrote a message like that with the attachments, still no answer, I see the buyer online all the time (so the delay is not caused buy the holidays or something like that )
  4. No, it won’t. Autocompleted orders don’t affect your account. thank you so much 😃
  5. Thank you for replying but if she did not accept it and left it like that … will that affect my fiverr account ?
  6. Hey Guys and Happy new year ! it has been 6 days now since I delivered an order for a buyer (who I’ve worked with before) but until now she hasn’t accept it ! I see her online from time to time and I’m hesitating asking her to accept the order. should I ask her to accept it ? or is it unprofessional to do so ! thank you
  7. meee ! I’am a week old “Fiverrer” lol
  8. I don’t think so , I passed the test and didn’t see any improvement on my gigs lol
  9. send buyer requests and work on your offer message (you need to stand out from other sellers)
  10. Thank you for replying friends 🌻 hope 2021 will be better “fingers crossed” we are all 2020 survivors lol stay safe and take care.
  11. No sorry , I canceled an order so my order completion dropped to 50%, what about you did a buyer or you canceled an order ?
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