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  1. Very good when someone appreciates my work. I would think to myself. Everyone will pray that I can go ahead this way.
  2. I'm really inspired to read this. Congratulation 🥂 Enjoy your party
  3. I was very happy to see your post and got a lot of inspiration. Thank you.
  4. I think those of us who come here as sellers need to prepare ourselves in the right way. We need to have a 100% idea of ​​what we are going to serve and to describe our clients in such a way that they understand what we want to serve and you are qualified for the service they want. Talk to the client in a very polite way so that he is satisfied with you. I said this from my personal experience. If you have a better experience, please share with us.
  5. In fact, I’ve seen a lot about the customer’s request, but I think that the amount of time most, consumers does not come here because they think that it is just for fun. This is my personal opinion.
  6. I think he copied my description with my grammatical mistake. 🙂
  7. I really surprise to see this. But Thank you so much for your valuable reply.
  8. Almost all the details about the subject I will be serving are the same because probably my details are the same. But thanks to your all opinion. so I have to change my description?
  9. Hello Everyone, I am new to this marketplace but I have already completed 2 projects. I have tried in many ways to get the gig rank but I did not get the expected result. After completing 2 projects, I am not getting any new order till now. This is my gig, Please take a look and tell me if there is any mistake. Please let the experts know. Thank You.
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