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  1. I active 24/7 means i active fiverr use my phone. I am also sleeping
  2. I Open my gig 7 Days ago and stay active 24/7 publish my gig in social media send buyer request but not get any order. Please help me to optimize my gig Fiverr.com Onkandutta: I will design a unique and creative business logo for $5 on...For only $5, Onkandutta will design a unique and creative business logo. | Greeting❤️"Thanks for landing at my gig inlogo design."Are you looking for alogothat look like original, creative and professional and at the same time logo designed | Fiverr
  3. Welcome to Fiverr community. Stay active
  4. Follow under below: Every day Send 10 buyer request properly.Stay online more time.Share your gigs social site.Visit fiverr related group & follow others freelancerdevelop your skill in your categoryI hope you got order in fiverr. Good luck for you Thanks
  5. Share your gig in facebook, twitter, linkedln and active 24/7.
  6. Marketing your gig on all social media everyday.
  7. Hi. I am new in fiverr. Someone tell me how to get fast order.
  8. Thanks for your advice. I will try this in my gig.
  9. It really niceDone. By this may be this forum come up with new ideas.
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