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  1. Never begin a project before an order is made. You are one of the few that will likely get paid for your services, but many times, a buyer will claim they’ll pay but never do. You need to be sure the work is done only after an order has been made. surely I will do according to your advice.
  2. I gave him several samples of my article writing skills. Then he gave me an assignment. I also submitted it. then he gave me a doc file where the instruction was there to write an article. I said I will fulfill your demand. looks like he is pleased with me. he is ready for order. then he wrote reward. now, what will I do? ***********. Mod Note: Screenshot removed. Please remove the username before reposting.
  3. would I say to him please delete this comment? It is prohibited.
  4. The buyer asked me “what is your reward per word”? I am a professional article writer. the buyer asked for my reward or order money. What should I reply to in these circumstances? what are the other words I should avoid or prohibited in Fiverr? Looking at comments from experienced ones.
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