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  1. Right, I was thinking the same. I would have told the buyer right away had I known they were outsourcing work from me and claiming it as their work. Will definitely contact CS, thanks for the helpful response!
  2. Then ownership rights is different for commercial rights, correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks!
  3. I do include the commercial rights option as extra but these buyers don't usually bother adding them for a small additional charge. Thanks for the insight!
  4. Hi there! For my co-freelancers on fiverr, how would you feel if you see another seller using work that they have secretly outsourced from you to promote their gig? In my case, I was one day searching thru the gigs related to art works as I offer digital illustrations and just wanted to see the gigs with most reviews. I was shocked to see two illustrations I've made for a buyer used in two different seller's gig. They're on their gig's front banners. What irked me more is when I saw that they're charging more than 5x the price they've offered to me for the work which is business, I guess. So there, just wanted to know how you'd react and what you'd do if you experience the same. Thanks!
  5. I’ve noticed I’ve seen you leave feedbacks to other’s post just now and my, my, you’re a godsend for doing what you do. I totally appreciate your wonderful efforts! I actually thought you’re a fiverr employee or something haha
  6. For sure! Thank you so much for taking time to reply so thoughtfully to my concern.
  7. I cannot agree more! I consider this a lesson learned and I would definitely adjust my rates now that I firmly believe my work quality should be properly paid.
  8. He’s manipulating you. The more you comply, the more he will try to get away with. He’s sucking you dry. Stop working for him. Yes, you’re definitely right and I’ve realized what they were doing and I’ve decided to deliver my last service right now and end the relationship with the buyer. I’m not quite sure if blocking the buyer would be the right way to do it though.
  9. That’s my exact thoughts! I just didn’t expect this thing to happen here at Fiverr if it’s really what’s the buyer’s doing. Now, since they always ask for a ridiculously lower price, I don’t know how I can communicate my stance well and politely to them. I’m also a new seller that’s why I’m being very careful as to not sabotage my reviews.
  10. Right! Thanks, I’ve always been a person who yields because I’m afraid they’ll think of me as not a nice person and now I’ve been reminded once again to have a change in perspective.
  11. Hi! So I’ve been getting constant orders from this buyer and it was a great experience the first time. But as their orders keep coming, the buyer keeps negotiating with my already very low price offer. I know the value of my work but since I’m super in need of funds, I choose to just accept her order and deliver very well. The buyer seems to order art services from me for their “friends” and not for themselves. Thing is, lately their level of English fluency downgraded a lot wherein I almost cannot understand their point when they were so fluent before. Buyer won’t ever show my works in my gig gallery which is a bummer but I understand it’s their choice. Instead, they would tell me they’ll leave a very good feedback and this too, is brought up whenever they ask me to lower my price. Yesterday I tried searching up this buyer and it showed that they have consistently been ordering from several artists for the past months and have been leaving almost template-ish reviews. Do you think something’s sus about the buyer or is it just me?
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