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  1. You can contact your fiverr support & tell him as if they will remove your payoneer account from the fiverr funding source then you can try something Its better for you
  2. Basically, fiverr maintain a secret algorithm all of ranking aren't permanent I suggest you can contact on fiverr support I hope you will know your problems and get solutions
  3. If you are a new seller you should active 24 hours and spend more time on fiverr forum I hope you will get orders soon
  4. I am good and happy with my current position
  5. Use Exact Keyword As your service and describe what you provide and send buyer request daily
  6. keep proper information in your gig then you will publish it
  7. Go to More Function and click Buyer Request Then you will see request then sent request
  8. Really helpful tips for every sellers
  9. Read buyer requirement carefully then findout buyer demands finally decide what you will write
  10. ASAP Contact on Fiverr Support Center
  11. orders depends on your service quality try to better make your gig perfectly
  12. Keep marketing proper way & stay online as a new seller I hope you get order fast as you follow
  13. So, you never sleep? Also, quit coming off as though you are an employee of Fiverr or somehow “in the know” - you just joined Fiverr in December. Besides, the OP clearly explained their issue they were having, and you come back with an “explain better” comment - then refer them to customer service? Being “active” on the forum replying to posts is not how you will get orders, clicks or rank your Gig. I hope you have not fallen for this fallacy. GG I think you didn’t understand what i say
  14. I suggest You will contact their support center e-ma-il you will get fast reply
  15. First of all you should study about fiverr. First of All, 1)Research Gig Propery 2)tell us which types of service you will provide 3)clean gig image and attractive 4)you should more active on fiverr 5)keep patients Success will not come hurry Please let me know how Can I help you?
  16. welcome if you need any help please reply me, ivm available here 24 hours
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