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  1. Expert guidance needed urgent… A buyer perchased my gig directly and ask some thing… I replied in an hour but now he is not responding till 28 hours. My order is now shown in late delivery… I have also made extend time required but it’s also pending… Can it affect negative on my profile???
  2. Need help regarding order… I am level zero seller and having positive rating less than 90%. I have not recieved any order since last 20 days due to unable of sending buyers request. All my gig lies on first page… Any authentic solution???
  3. Yes I have made some changes of galery section in all gigs… all other gigs are showing in search except that…
  4. Hey every one… need guidance from fiverr experts… my one gig is old one is active and live… but it is not shown in search since two days… any solution???
  5. Actuall I have 4.0 rating now… if I get other order with 5 rating then will I qualify for 90% Or not???
  6. Can any one guide plz… how much stars complete 90% positive ratings??? Means 4.5 or 4.7 or 4.9???
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