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  1. Your account was opened in December 2020! yeah i feel like its 1 year 🤥
  2. thankyou so much for your lovely comment… 😘
  3. How can i get an order, Its been more than 1 year, anyone can support me
  4. Anyone can tell me what is the best website of software to logo designers,
  5. Hello sir. Can you tell how to delect it. Does fiverr ban from this
  6. Thanks for telling me about it im new to here thanks for informing me
  7. Hey, Create a new gig its the answer 😘
  8. Hello, I didnt got any order yet any know how to get my first order…
  9. Really im new to fiverr, its just 11 days, Can you teach me how to get order . i need to came up with fiverr
  10. I didnt got any orders yet. Anyone can teach me how to get order, how to write the gig, what to do here.
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