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  1. Hi there, i need help for changing Submit button color in ninja forms. i have tried in many more ways. bt its not working. any one could you plz let me know where/what to change for this? anohter point for, i wan to move the SUBMIT button too the center of the form, its alos same either its goes to right or left, not in the midle!!
  2. Happy New Vaccine Year 2021 to All of You Fiverr fighters. Hopefully we will all able to receive the new vaccine in this year & will work in fresh mind in this platform. 🙂
  3. ya, there’s a luck issue as i have experienced it earlier. one of my known person didn’t do so many gig marketing or didn’t send so many buyer request. we wonder he got an order through fiverr inbox & 200d for very simple task with 7dys !! after that i’m starting to believe there’s a matter of luck.
  4. i just visited to ur profile.my quick assessment as below: u should change ur profile pic, u may take a good background with a smiley look.there’s some spelling mistake- its really dump. 3.ur first gig image thumbnail not making any sense to me, as well as may be to others. you may change it if the gig has no order or new gig. otherwise no need to change it.Thanks!
  5. Welcome! to the best freelancing site…
  6. :oh… :frowning_face: …thanks for the info…
  7. there’s only one free courses, which i have done already. so m looking for any other free course is there available or not… i have checked not found till.
  8. you may share your gig carefully not continuously. spending some more times regularly on forum too.
  9. Hi there, i would like to know how many free courses are available in fiverr. i have enrolled 1st fiverr learned & looking for same. Thanks in Advance.
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