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  1. my old device have a problem so i want to continue my fiverr with a new device and when my device will be ok i want to back in my previous device. Does it harm my account or rankings..?
  2. I can understand your problem but we have nothing to do better leave fiverr and try another marketplace.
  3. last 5moths i had faced a problem , when i got any order then my gig goes down in last page and after 2month it come again in front then after few days it goes again in last page and i need to wait 2months. what the hell is this....!! this is the only income source in this pandamic. It's now become frustrating and fiverr support also reply same bullshit. I can't just take all this. I'm leaving Fiverr. Best of luck everybody.
  4. i'm trying to become a rich man but still i'm not a rich 🙂
  5. i know this but when i got it i lost my gig rank and i don't know why always my gig goes down after completing a order. 😞
  6. i got this service but after 3days it stop i don't know why and all of my gig goes to last page. this is very frustrating 😞
  7. Don't worry brother stay here and wait for buyer knock keep doing social marketing and don't forget the buyer request.
  8. Last three months I'm facing problem 
    my gigs are going down in last page and after two monther it become normal for 7/8days 
    when i complete few orders then again lost rank and go in last page 😞 day by day fiverr become very frustrating 😞

  9. suddenly my gig is lost its rank it’s just go in last page also promoting system also stoped? i Don’t know why this happened now what i will do my best gig lost it’s rank and also promotion system?
  10. my promoting has been stoped 😭
  11. i got it 3days ago I’m a level one seller and one of my gig has 20 review after completing 20 just 3days later i got it
  12. this is my best-selling gig but it’s going down now, expert suggestion needed. Fiverr.com Adnan_montakin: I will build a professional portfolio wordpress website or...For only $10, Adnan_montakin will build a professional portfolio wordpress website or resume website for you. | Who you are.....? Now it's time to show everybody.Are you looking for a professional portfolio website or resume website by WordPress and...
  13. Probably not, because new sellers don’t qualify for the program. Perhaps you didn’t read the announcement. Only vetted Level 2 and TRS level sellers qualify to participate, and only if they have gigs in the listed categories. can you please again let me know the requirement of this program
  14. thank you? I’m also afgiliate pray for me
  15. i got level but my impressions are continuously down also i don’t have any order from last 1month. 😔
  16. i have no reasion but i Don’t know this is happening with me
  17. suddenly i lost my gig rank and my gig impression is now very poor. expert suggestion needed…
  18. great step from fiverr hope it will make seller more interested
  19. I have a new experience 🙂 Fiverr.com Adnan_montakin: I will build an ecommerce website with wordpress woocommerce...For only $50, Adnan_montakin will build an ecommerce website with wordpress woocommerce. | woocommerce | WordPress e-commerce | online store | online shop |e-commerce website | woocommerce website |If you're searching for aresponsive WordPress... this gig impression is same since 1st day no change 😆 expert suggestions needed. now what should i do with this gig…? delete or keep…?
  20. How can i get this option…? what is tge requirement for this…?
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