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  1. congratulations! That's really a great achievement. Go ahead!!!
  2. Yeah you are absolutely right. We can take it forward......🥰
  3. It's really unfortunate brother!
  4. Congratulations, Got 5 star review in your first order, That prove your worth,How much you really capable on this place...wish you a very happy freelancing Career.... 🥰
  5. Congratulations for your brilliant success 🥰
  6. Congratulations for your great success... Keep earning 🥰
  7. I started my journey last December, first 5 month I had completed many job around 50+ But One day I didn’t find gig on first page, I found the gigs on last page, I didn't know why, But though I continued my gig marketing and was trying to active as much as possible, last month the miracle happen my gig turned on first page again.And started getting order.
  8. Really feels good hear that.Congratulations mate!
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