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  1. It’s happening sometimes. If you have multiple account in fiverr and you gonna connect same account so I think this is one reason and another reason is your browser or something. If everything is ok contact fiverr support.
  2. Don’t run out for peoples skill. Every Skillful man has a Value. So Skilled in a Sector. As you told you are skillful in video editting. So I think Your gig is not good enough. So make your GIG qualityfull. Look and research others gig and compare with others. Hope you got it. @aalashan7
  3. Welcome to Fiverr. To get more Buyers be active on Fiverr and Send Quality Buyer request and Main thing is look at your GIG. Is it Qualityful or not. Always consider your gig while making as a buyer
  4. For getting Order there are several thing and also for ranking Best title selectionUpgrading seoManaging your keywordsChoosing best tags (remember less competition keyword more crowd)Good Pricing 6.SEO friendly DescriptionMajor Thing GIG image. (Eye cachy Image)Thanks
  5. Welcome to Fiverr. First of all you have daily 10 opportunities to send buyer request and There is no limit in fiverr that how much you sent overall. Thanks
  6. If you are skilled in programming. There are a lot of services according to yourk skill in fiverr. Even you try Web development by python django framework. Thanks.
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