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  1. Welcome @bebyte for returning Forum again.
  2. Hi Tuana. Nice to see you here. You’re amazing. Welcome to the Community. Waiting for Congratulating you for your First Sale. Soon I hope…
  3. Try to Describe. Like What service you gonna Provide him or like How you can do it. Or like if the Buyer is in trouble try to be specific the trouble point. You know the best thing for the problem right?
  4. It’s ok. Not to be worried. It’s a Bug. So when Buyer request Available it will be on your window. Chill!!!
  5. Be specific to send buyer request. Try to Specify skills and Convince buyer that you’re the best (if you’re). [Don’t feel offense. Don’t bid those one which you’re not skill enough]
  6. Hope you will be Busy in 2021 with a lot of sale and you have some amazing buyer. Wish me luck too… hahaha 😃
  7. What’s the Fiverr Algorithm? I am Newbie in Fiverr but I am Experienced Enough at My skill. You Know Everyone need sell. So Obviously I am one of them. Someone tells me be active always, then someone tells like being active is not the solution. There is a lot of Myth about Fiverr like social media marketing gives your gig boost. But here I found Someone says like social media marketing doesn’t do anything. I don’t know how perfect my gig is. I do many research and launch My GIG. So any expert here who can please Disclose those Myth like how exactly Fiverr algorithm Works. Its a Community So Don’t be Offensive. I need Help and Some Good Suggestion. I believe You guys Don’t let me Down. Share your Experience.
  8. Hello Erick. Welcome to Forum. Happy Christmas!!!
  9. There is no specific way to get an order. Improve your GIG man. There is a lot of post in the fiverr help topic.
  10. You know by texting you can’t express your thought fully. But In a video chat you can express your thoughts easily and even to understand buyer once a topic is very easy.
  11. Sharing your GIGs in various social Media.
  12. Make your gig Qualityfull and Plagiarism free. Try for less competitive keyword. Best of luck.
  13. Ok. That’s Great. Try to earn job with your Expertise. Hope You can.
  14. Really Nice to see you here. Stay Connected. Serve More.
  15. Yes. Someone on this community posted the same issue. I don’t know why?
  16. Is this a bug? Open a ticket regarding this in Fiverr Support.
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