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  1. It Takes One extra day. Don’t worry Your Money is on safe place.
  2. Welcome to the fiverr community forum…
  3. What? Like seriously? To get paid Review You wanna Be ranked?
  4. I think it’s not an issue. Just look at some several days it will be came back hope so.
  5. Respect your way. But It’s a global platform. Try to type in english
  6. Ranking matters in fiverr right. If you got level recently then it happens. Not to worry. Fiverr says to promote your gig for attention. So do it.
  7. Figure out the lacking of your gig. Consider your gig from a buyer end. There is a lot of tips posted daily in fiverr tips topic. Go and check those. Best of luck.
  8. Response rate is how fast you response to a buyer within a day. I don’t know how you can work with your response rate. Try to reply early when buyer knocks.
  9. Visit fiverr Tips Topic you will find many post regarding this. Thanks
  10. order don’t came up overnight. Follow the tips in fiverr forum. There are a lot of tips about getting your sale.
  11. Its a Myth. But you have to take a test once it’s obvious…
  12. very unfortunate. Contact buyer and tell him to contact fiverr support for assistance. Hope for the best.
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