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  1. I make many buyer requests every day. So give a little suggestion on what If I Write To Them.

    suggestion on what If I Write To Them

    Point to point work, for attracting your text you can use some symbols and Write gently what you offer. oh!! Pricing matters, place your best price, remember there are a lot of sellers who are bidding at a time against a job. Best of luck!!!

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  2. Be confident.
    Face Clients.
    At first say sorry to them like you’re not good at english. I hope you have that basic communication knowledge. I believe within a week you see your improvements. Confidence is the main factor

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  3. Hope it’s an issue with GIG description and Pricing,
    In my opinion if you have good number of clicks, obviously your GIG image is well good.
    But somehow buyer loose interest from your GIG.
    Look at your GIG what’s need to change.
    Consider your mind as a buyer.
    Hope you get your order soon…

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