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  1. Simply by doing SEO, but it's not an easy task to go to top pages quickly.
  2. It's just because you got less than 4.5 star rating after your first order completion. Now try to grab the order directly from your gig.
  3. I joined fiverr in Oct, 2020 and from the very first month I started sales on fiverr. I completed 25 orders so far, on 15th May, I was awarded Level One seller but after becoming level one seller, my gigs loose rankings. 3 months spent but i received no order at all. Why it happened, valuable suggestions are needed, thank you for your time.
  4. Mine is showing 100%. How is it possible?
  5. Fiverr also charge from buyers. If a buyer purchase a 5$ gig service, fiverr deducts 7$ from his account, means 2$ charges. (40% charges)
  6. Ignore it, It’s just a bug, nothing else. Same happened to me a few months ago. Check your earning tab, it will show 12$ earning against this order.
  7. It’s a bug, ignore it. It happens mostly with the sellers.
  8. As soon as someone clicks your gig, it doesn’t show to you right then. Means, it takes time to show.
  9. Wait for a while, it will show the expressions in a while.
  10. Your gig is not perfectly active ma’am!
  11. Check whether your gig is live or not? Fiverr.com Login to FiverrFiverr is the world's largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs.
  12. After 60 days, your fiverr course refreshes.
  13. Welcome to the fiverr community forum!
  14. If the total amount is not in pending clearance, you can withdraw right now. And If the amount of 2nd order is in pending clearance, you should wait untill it clears.
  15. Your 12$ are save. Don’t worry that fiverr ate those. You can withdraw a minimum of 20$.
  16. There is a video call option when we open the chat with V.I.D buyer. I want to know that do we discuss the order via Zoom? Thank you for reading my post.
  17. Simple answer. “Now way to remove this thumbnail”
  18. It’s SEO title, not SEO link. Including a proper SEO title helps bringing your gig in search results.
  19. Here is the link Fiverr.com Fiverr Help and Education CenterOne marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done.
  20. It’s normal. It happens with all the sellers.
  21. 550 Pixels by 370 pixels (minimum) which means width should be 550 pixels and height should be 370 pixels at-least. Image Size : Image size can be up-to 5 MB
  22. Welcome to fiverr forum. Hope so you will earn handsome money by utilizing your skill here.
  23. You can keep your money in your fiverr account for as long as you want. Fiverr just initially cuts 20% of the order, after that nothing.
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