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  1. This is not an effective way, so please don't share this!
  2. Since last 4 months, my gig impressions are getting down day by day. What do you recommend? Need replies from experience persons only please! https://www.fiverr.com/auto03376212813?up_rollout=true
  3. Yes, why not! If you think that the specified task costs more than the budget of buyer, you can convince the buyer for increasing his budget by realizing him the scope of the work.
  4. Yes, I am vaccinated. Protect yourself and others, get vaccinated!
  5. Congratulations on your first order and it's 5 star review. Keep it up. Happy fivering 😍
  6. Congratulations dear! Please guide the new sellers on fiverr forum for achieving this badge.
  7. Simply by doing SEO, but it's not an easy task to go to top pages quickly.
  8. It's just because you got less than 4.5 star rating after your first order completion. Now try to grab the order directly from your gig.
  9. I joined fiverr in Oct, 2020 and from the very first month I started sales on fiverr. I completed 25 orders so far, on 15th May, I was awarded Level One seller but after becoming level one seller, my gigs loose rankings. 3 months spent but i received no order at all. Why it happened, valuable suggestions are needed, thank you for your time.
  10. Mine is showing 100%. How is it possible?
  11. Fiverr also charge from buyers. If a buyer purchase a 5$ gig service, fiverr deducts 7$ from his account, means 2$ charges. (40% charges)
  12. Ignore it, It’s just a bug, nothing else. Same happened to me a few months ago. Check your earning tab, it will show 12$ earning against this order.
  13. It’s a bug, ignore it. It happens mostly with the sellers.
  14. As soon as someone clicks your gig, it doesn’t show to you right then. Means, it takes time to show.
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