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  1. I have promoted my gig on various buy sell group on facebook, post regularly on twitter, Instagram, Linkedin as well. But i dont get any click and order from these media. I don't know where is my fault. Why I do not get ant click on my gig. Plese tell the right way to promote my gig on social media so that I can get some orders. I will great full to you.
  2. My GIG impression goes down and I don't get click and message from any buyer. I have analysied many competetor gig . but I don't find any issue to change my gig. If you go through my profile and gig you can find the issue of not getting orders. please see my profile and suggest me where is the problem. I will be thankful to you for finding my weakness. MY profile link https://www.fiverr.com/users/anandagain/
  3. Hi, This is Ananda Gain an efficient Social Media Marketer. I have experties on Facebook Marketing and promotion, Facebook business page setup, Facebook Shop management, Facebook Ads campaign and Facebook Pixel and Facebook Re-Targeting. I am Skilled in Creating Social Media post with Graphics design, animation and text art. I can promote business or product to any targeted audience. I belive in quality work. I am very sincer and dedicated to my job. I have got some appreciation on Facebook ads campaign service . MY service link : https://www.fiverr.com/share/mdX2m8
  4. Thank you dear senior. I have followed all your value able suggestions. I hve alredy make unique my article and cheek my grammer. Please go through my gig again and see if there any fault remains.
  5. I have published the GIG to provide Facebook PIxel set up service on the Market place . But I don't get orders from buyers. would there be any experienced and helpful person to mention my fault to improve my gig? So that I can get an order from my GIG. My GIG link is : https://www.fiverr.com/share/171D9K
  6. Hi There, I have published the GIG to provide the service on Facebook Ads management. But I don't get orders from buyers. would there be any experienced and helpful person to mention my fault to improve my gig? So that I can get an order from my GIG. My GIG link is : https://www.fiverr.com/share/k5eY3o
  7. It is really helpful to me, thank you very much for your suggestion.
  8. Hi, There I am ANANDA from Bangladesh. I am a new seller on the Fiverr marketplace. I am providing expert service on Social media marketing like Facebook marketing, Facebook organic promotion, Facebook Ads Campaign, Facebook pixel set up on the website, and so on. I believe in quality work. I am very dedicated and sincere in my work. I am a full-time professional freelancer. I want to build a successful carrier as a freelancer. I will very happy if you spend a moment to visit my service.
  9. Hi I am new in fiverr . I have publish a gig on facebook pixel installtion. But I don't get any order. please give me suggestions how can i get order. my gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/KBdyY8
  10. Hi, I Have publish a gig on facebook ads campaign few days ago but I do not get order, also do not get any click. Please can any body give me any suggetions. My gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/LBD2vA
  11. Hi, there I am a new seller on fiverr. I have publish new GIG. please vist my profile and share your valuable recommens. 

    My profile : https://www.fiverr.com/anandagain?up_rollout=true

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