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  1. Let’s hope for the best brother ❤️
  2. Hello Fiverr Communtiy, I am facing problems since last month. I am newbie , almost month ago when i create my gigs i got order within two, three days but since that i am not getting order. Well during last 15 days of december i was reading someone’s post here, he explained that almost whole December month is holydays month so that’s why we are not gettng orders (may be), but now still i am not getting order and moreover there are just 3-5 buyers offer i see in whole day and from last three days one buyer request show per day, Could anyone explain why it is happening to me ?
  3. Why would you keep sending offers to someone who obviously isn’t interested in hiring you? Stop wasting offers on them and stop clicking on their website. Easy. You can submit a ticket to Customer Support with a screenshot, if you must, but it would be difficult to prove that they’re breaking any rules. They’re allowed to post their request, and they’re not obliged to hire someone if there are no offers they like. All right. Thank You ❤️
  4. Hello Fiverr Community forum, I am seeing this buyer request more than a month from different ids but the job title and description is same , they are offering large amount for their work. And asking to visit their website(blog). From a month i have send them offers but they didn’t respond to me and i guess also didn’t responded to many as well. They are just trying to increase their clicks and views on blogs. Because they are asking a question from blogs to reply with in while writing a offer. How to deal with it can we report this , Kindly suggest your ideas. Best Regards : Ali Thanks fake-BR1230×259 64.3 KB
  5. fiverforum942×470 63.3 KBIts on dashboard.
  6. Hello Mubashar, I am also new but i have been learning fiverr very deeply i would definetly suggest you to watch fiverr free course if you have not watched it, in this course all the basic of fiverr are explained. Hope it will help you brother !
  7. Hi, Did you have learned fiverr free course if not go to dashboard and scroll down you will find a button watch free course, and start your course it will teaches you fiverr’s basic information and all the stuff. I am new also.
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