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  1. Hi fiverr people happy new year. Check my gig mistake and give me some gig tips. Fiverr.com mamun39260's public profile on FiverrHi, I am a professional graphics Designer. I have more than 7 years of experience I'm here to help you to promote your business 24/7 to take your project to perfect completion. I am a permanent worker on Fiverr If you need a skilled and...
  2. Share your gig in social media and be careful don’t spam.
  3. I didn’t have to take a skill test before selling on my fiverr. But there are some people in our country who take money for skill test.
  4. No it’s not true. Where did you hear this? Stop following those wannabe gurus and silly Facebook Groups. Why would you get orders just because you got a certain grade on a test? Would you buy a product from someone just because they got a certain grade? And since when is 40% a good grade? It’s very poor. No one should be communicating with customers in English if their English is that poor. Think critically. This makes zero sense. Thanks for your nice suggestion.
  5. Everyone says that if I pass this English test in Fiverr, my gig will be boosted by 40%. Is that true?
  6. Fiverr shows me online but the green light is not on. How do I solve it? Screenshot_2020-12-23 mamun39260's public profile on Fiverr1883×507 169 KB
  7. Oh dear! The OP was asking for help! :roll_eyes: Yes. i know. that’s why i send him.
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