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  1. I always ignored not-rated buyers! But it’s the first time I got mistakes! He wasted a lot of my time.
  2. What steps can I take for a fake buyer? He(the buyer) told me that he’ll give me projects. And ask me to give a test. I thought he is loyal; He gives me his website access. But after taking the test, he told me that he’ll check it and let me know! But then he didn’t say anything. And then he changes the access password also, and now he is not replying to me about anything. But still using my design is his website. Here is the link to that page, what I made professional look-Bs-Economics – Government College Gulabad … This is really very bad behavior. I think his project offer is fake! And he is fake also! Now, what to do? should I report him??
  3. In fact, as a new seller, it would be better to keep you in that range. But if you are confident then you can include any price!
  4. As a new seller you should keep your first (primary) pricing between 5 $ -10
  5. Yes, It’s gone! thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:a lot for your kind information!
  6. I’m seeing 7 invisible buyer description! What is that??? Screenshot 2020-12-07 1930171141×530 23 KB
  7. Serve the customer through the job that you are the best at. So you can be a good seller as well as a good freelancer.
  8. It is a better way, you should not to get involved personal life in professional life.
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