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  1. stay tuned and research the gig should be unique, keep patient I hope you will do
  2. hi dear, I’m a web developer as a new seller 8 projects successfully complete in 2020. but till now I have a 2.5k gig impression but no click, no new buyer message since January 2021. I also tried to change my gigs looking but unfortunately, I did not get any benefit. I’m very depressed. Could you please help me? how can I improve my profile and gigs? order1487×678 106 KB
  3. I have Questioned for experts !! If the message comes and comes in the same gig. What would it be better to when I sent a custom order in the same gig or other gigs can I choose? Cause others gig would not be rank. What is your opinion?
  4. you should need to choose one category, it’s better to grow as a new seller you can give 7 gigs, and better to choose you will publish sub category all gig
  5. In China sometimes I can’t reach my seller profile without using a VPN. any affect my gig ranking? what can I do now?
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