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  1. It is maybe quite forward to take assumptions on how things will be anytime soon but given the last news about UK getting their key citizen vaccinated as early as the 8th December and followed by NYC 2 weeks after… This might change the current uncertainty and people will go for their “true” skillset plan. As now, it is good that there is a sane controversy since there is a element here of what we like and what we can afford to achieve financially. Happy Thursday and thank you for sharing your perceptions! :raising_hand_man:
  2. Oppps it looks like that one my visitors was quite good at content writing but did not fulfill the T&C of participation in this conversation… Good luck and thank you for popping in though! :raising_hand_man: Back to the topic, I came across quite a few people who feel that Freelancing is like sitting on a pleasant meadow and like fishing in a river which is not very prolific. Does Freelancing need to be vocational otherwise back to alarm at 6am, train to office and get home knackered at night, does bring better financial solutions still in the current climate? Surely some of you might laugh at that statement :thinking:
  3. Oh dear! That would be a massive invention. What date have you set on the screen mate? 😀 Best thing of being employed by a company is that your taxes get paid automatically. Best thing of freelancing is no need to wear the suit anymore. Personally I always had that “illusion” of extending my stays in other countries as much as I can since I work on a laptop. Let’s see when airports will work again, but that’s a more romantic story…
  4. Hello guys 😀 I’ve been thinking recently… what will happen when the “world” comes back. Once people aren’t forced to be at home and governments don’t give finacial support to our lovely citizens, Which % of the current Freelancers are actually vocational? Do we all love this lifestyle or is an unexpected sudden illusion? Perhaps I will see myself on Fiverr in a year time when the vaccine will “save” the 7+ Billion population or, maybe no way! What about you?? 😷
  5. Hiya! So far those are the preferences: Quality: 64% Quantity: 22% Depends / Either way: 14% What I can understand from the comments is that Content is important but, the people you deal with gains some weight on it. Do you prefer a nice project with a mediocre buyer or perhaps the buyer is more important than the project in some occasions? Life can’t always be beautiful and needs to be complemented 😀 🤨
  6. All the very best and push on it! @poly32
  7. I think that should always be the top priority of a freelancer. However, if you read the way the OP framed his question, he is asking if we want - Numerous small orders = quantity or a few few Big Projects = quality. BTW, OP has now changed the original post, so my answer may look way off. Thanks guys for the comments! I always had a dilemma: Try to fit as many projects I can in a given time or stop the world for a project to be immersed for hours! Still as today I find in both a bit of romance 😃 I guess it all depends on who you pleasing with your final workpiece and the appreciation! Do you agree on that?
  8. Thank you and let’s boost this end year! 😊
  9. Hello 😀 Please shoot your thoughts. Which one have made you happier to success your gigs? - Numerous small orders, or - Big projects Cheers!
  10. Newbie here too. All the best and success! 😃
  11. Hello site fellows! 😀 I did my account set up recently and I wanted to take the chance to greet everyone! I hope this place is as nice as feedbacks say and I can soon participate with my first order too. Bookkeeping / Translations are my main asset which I will happily offer on this portal. Are you getting buyers as expected? How do you feel yourself part of this team? Do you get involved daily on Fiverr? Thankssssss 🥳
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