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  1. Thank you so much! I had to get off of my phone and on a desktop. It worked!!
  2. That is so awesome. I cannot wait to sell! Good luck with everything!!
  3. I cannot find the option to sell on here. I have looked all through my profile and just cannot get it. Please help! I’ve gone to FAQ and still cannot find a button that says “selling”. I’m so frustrated. 😦
  4. I have looked all over the site and cannot find where I can post a gig. The only thing similar to a “gig” that I’ve seen is “create a project”. I really just want to sell my services on here, but I am at a loss.
  5. I have been trying to find the “selling” option and I cannot find it. I’ve gone through every selection. Could you please tell me how to find this?
  6. Hi there! I recently made an account and looking forward to all this entails! Wishing you the best of luck!
  7. Hi there! I made an account and I am getting used to the community! Everyone has been so kind! I am excited, but my first business post wasn’t approved. Are there any tips on getting you posts approved? What I am wanting to do is create photoshop edits to memories and make them into drawings, paintings, or cartoons. This is a love of mine and I cannot wait to get started. Thanks for the advice on advance!! Brenda
  8. welcome to fiverr community Me too! Good luck with everything!!
  9. Hey there! I am new here, my first day. I submitted a post earlier that’s pending. I’m so excited to be here! Just trying to learn all the tabs and options. How everyone has a blessed day!
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