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  1. Welcome to the number 1 marketplace of the world
  2. Thank you for your stats. Working here is getting tougher day by day now.
  3. Thank you so much, Those are really nice advice. Can you please tell me if there any mistake I’ve done in my gigs? Because I am not getting enough projects here in fiverr.
  4. God bless you. Sometimes we forget that health is our real wealth. You remind me very important thing; thank you
  5. Promotion eligibility is handpicked. Some level-1 has the option, but some level-2 doesn’t. I don’t know how they decide to give the opportunity.
  6. Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest is best for trendy design inspirations.
  7. Send regular buyer requests, hang in there at least 10 hours a day and promote your gigs on social media.
  8. Knock support.I am sure They will help you, and probably you don’t need to refund if you are on the right side.
  9. It happens sometimes. Just clear cookies and browser history, then try again, I hope that will be o
  10. He wants the source file, I think; you should give him if you want a good review, I guess.
  11. I use them regularly, an excellent time-saving option, that is. I have 21 quick replies.
  12. You are right. Works are dramatically decreased these days
  13. Hi there, In the Print-Designing sector, works are dramatically decreased these days. What about your industry here? I want to see what is going on for people from other sectors in Fiverr too. Thank you
  14. That’s a good move; you changed your profile image. I think you should improve your gig image and add two more attractive pictures to your gig.
  15. Thank you for your suggested link. but my problem is close to him but not the same. We are not sure about our categories because we are working from different segments of Graphic Design
  16. You’re right. Some buyers are not telling their needs clearly. But That’s happening these days too. Some of them overexplain the task, interesting! They sometimes deviate from the core things seller have to know.
  17. Hi mates, There is a Question for all who are experienced enough here in Fiverr. I am a graphic designer, and my comfort zone is print-designing and Pod. My brother is an artist, and he digitalizes his works with Adobe illustrator and sometimes photoshop and wants to work here too from the same IP or internet connection. I know we can use two accounts here, but they must be from two different sectors. But he has to work for the Graphic design sector too, at least I think so. Is there anyone who knows the solution, please?
  18. Thank you so much for your good advice. The last paragraph I like most
  19. Stay online as much as possible, send regular buyer requests, enrich yourself with Fiverr knowledge here in the community. From my point of view and research those works
  20. It’s a TOS violation, stay away of it
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