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  1. Be Patient is the key, take time to really understand the platform, if you have sometime take the free course on Fiver learning it will help you a lot, also take the fiver tests so you confirm your skills to potential buyers !
  2. The Challenge of doing more, The Envy to prove the others that they are wrong, A Counter, Numbers Motivates me a lot, The ambition to be the first one, The following quote : “If he could, i can.”
  3. Glad to read your journey, wish good luck ! For my case i’m an entrepreneur since 7 years now and my life isn’t well organized as yours, i’m principally an Executive Director and International Relations Manager at my Agency i work in the Entertainment business (Video Games, Events and Movies) and i cover the MENA Region, so everyday is kind of new day for me, but generally it starts with the indisputable cup of coffee then go to my agency check on my colleagues, local deals if everything is moving smoothly. Then i jump to my emails and start working (Past week was the release of Cyberpunk 2077 and let me tell you that’s my schedule is huge mess right now) Between Game testing, Game covering, Media exposure and some confidential work i can’t tell you how happy i’m when 17:00 Arrives ! I usually end up by Boxing Training, video games, diner and back to Video Games. That’s my life and my routine !
  4. My gig is around Cyberpunk 2077 univers, if you really took time to check the profile not “confirm” what have been said in this thread you would be ashamed to drop such an answer.
  5. To whom are you addressing this statement ? is there a debate about me where i’m not invited ? Like we say in my region “Ma 9asthache” which means : “you’re all the way off bro” Fun fact about me and my agency in IRL you can see it my t shirt on my profile pic. Our slogan is “Angry and Bearded” and our Identity is “Viking” If i’m procuring such feeling to you @blavaro i can say that i’m welly representing my agency. i however have a question for you : “Aren’t you off topic here?”
  6. Is that why you had 2 reviews so far? Your gig pictures make me think you just want to work with pics of women. With as much breasts showing as you can get away with. Also, if you were a woman and stating for a women-oriented gig (say, if you were making logos for businesses owned by women) that it’s for females, I wouldn’t think much of it. But a guy who created a gig to get women to send him their photos? The first thing that comes to mind is that you might be a perv. I’m not saying that you really are one (I know nothing about you, after all, other than your problem with following rules), but that’s the first thing that comes to mind. And I doubt I’m the only one who thinks that. In fact you are the only one who thinks that and your answer is really offending. No more words to add with you.
  7. ummm… As a buyer, I would certainly feel kinda weird and insecure to order from that gig. Just saying… Intersting point of view to be honest 🧐
  8. I know haha ! i really admire your work and you talks, thank you for your time !
  9. Honestly your answer is really warming ! the way it was addressed and in fact i’m going to do some changes
  10. @zespeeddesigner Let me just inform you that link posting is allowed in certain categories only. These are either “Improve My Gig” or “My Fiverr Gigs”. Would be good to move the topic there. Or simply delete the link from post. My bad bro, thank you for your time !
  11. ODD is all what describes me, really ! TMI : I just registered the copyright for the word “ODD” since i have a clothing brand with that name and you will soon not be able to use this word in some specific situations.
  12. Actually taking the time to read ToS will solve that little problem you are constantly facing. You really have a grudge against me :roll_eyes:
  13. Honestly if it is against the rules, i’ll take One day of my time to report all the gigs that are running freely on the platform because a lot of them are against the rules (if it is the case)
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