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  1. No, if you do this Fiverr will terminate both account or one of them sooner or later
  2. The best option is that: find a video related to T& C of Fiverr on YouTube in your own language, to understand more about T&C of Fiverr
  3. Dear Fiverr seller, you have a lot of knowledge about Fiverr. Please give me some tips on getting my first order. Thanks in advance
  4. Pls press ctrl on the keyboard and scroll down. You see chrome decrease the zoom level from 100% to 75%. Then see on left top on the dashboard tab following options are available. Like Gig, Earnings and more button. Click on more this will show a small popup which contains buyers request option.
  5. Turn on seller mode first. Then go to more button. If you do not find it. Then the decrease zoom level of chrome browser by the press and hold Ctrl and scroll down
  6. Hi, all I’m a new seller here. I make a background removal gig. If you have a little bit of time, please check out my mistakes if I made some mistakes then need your opinion as an active seller.
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