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  1. Hello a guy who is 12 years old order my service what should i do? i know to use fiver u have to be at least 13 years old
  2. Okay so my question is… When i type my main word from the title of my gig ‘‘rocket league’’ i cant find myself anywhere form the 1st to 16th page but i can find myself in ‘‘local sellers’’ ‘‘online sellers’’ I was looking around and 2 guys had similiar problem 1 guy was back into search engine in 2 motnhs 2nd guy was back in 4months So is there anyone who had the same problem?
  3. Frank, do u know how long does it take for fiverr to like restart your stats? my gig dissapire form the 1st page ( cant even find it on the last one ) My stats were like less then 90% 2 months ago but since this time i manage to repair them adn now i got 99 and 98% but still cant find myself on the 1st page
  4. Is there anyone who is able to help me somehow
  5. Hello, so like 2 or 3 months ago my gig was on the 1st-2nd page but it randomly dissapire i had around 90% response rate and a little bit below 90% order completion (wasnt doing good at all) Since that happend i improve a lot with my gig did around 70+ orders in 2 months have few returning customers and everything is working fine expect that i cant find myself. Now i have 98% response rate and 98% completion orders So the problem is that when i type ‘‘rocket league’’ in search engine im not able to find my gig on the any of the pages (was looking on the 1st one and 16th last one) But! i can find myself in ‘‘local sellers’’ and ‘‘online’’ categories which is weird i think I was looking on a forum that a 2 sellers had same problem as mine (1 seller had even around 20k earned from fiverr and 1k+ reviews). One seller was back on 1st page after 2 months and the other one was back on 1st page after 4 months. I asked if they were changing titles,tags etc but they werent So the question is why something like this happening and if someone had similiar problem
  6. Its funny that customer support cant even point what did u do wrong becasue they probably dont even know this company is just a joke. [Album] imgur.com
  7. Sellers advertising their Gig on Fiverr must comply with the terms of service of the platform or relevant website used to offer services for. The reason is above. He was offering playing with someonea/anlysing replays like other sellers nothing against tos.
  8. ‘‘my friend response’’ u can choose lifestyle > gaming > game sessions / coaching so its not against fiverr TOS and about other people doing the same stuff they have like 300 reviews and everything is okay… i had a few messages where people were asking me to do coaching for free so i wasnt responding to them or just mark it as a spam… they could get mad and report me for no reason
  9. Hello today my friend account got disable for no reason this is the message that he got Your Gigs offered on Fiverr have been reported to violate a third party’s terms of service. Sellers advertising their Gig on Fiverr must comply with the terms of service of the platform or relevant website used to offer services for. Fiverr’s content is based on User Generated Content (UGC). We do not check user uploaded/created content for violations of copyright, trademarks or other rights. We only remove Gigs for third party terms of service violations if reported by the relevant third party. He was offering game sessions/game coaching with customers. A lot of people offering similiar stuff here and they are not banned. He thinks that some of the people who are offerinig similiar stuff report him or ask their customers to report him and he got a ban for no reason when he didnt do anything against fiverr TOS
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