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  1. Thanks to everyone for the advice, I sadly started the cancellation process. In the end I believe in the reason and experience of those who have been registered on this platform for longer than me. I keep you updated to let you know what feedback I got from the CS so that my experience can help someone too.
  2. Look I agree with you, I have recently registered on Fiverr, I am working well but the situations that led me to the cancellation have already happened. I’ll tell you the truth, I was deleting the order but then I couldn’t complete the procedure. There can be no protection on those who start two identical orders and then choose what they like best, how many cancellations would we suffer if so many applied this procedure? I don’t give a damn about money. The fact is that I gave him a fake delivery, I didn’t send him the job he asked for, he is missing, he is aware of the timer I had and of his game, as if he were used to doing it. I don’t think he will accept the delivery, I want to take him to cancel by him self.
  3. The CS seems to me completely absent, almost three days have passed. I do not accept the humiliation of being the one to cancel, do me a self-harm, so that he can do his convenience. I already worked for free, was I supposed to cancel? He doesn’t want the job anyway, he just closed with the other buyer to confirm this, so I don’t know if I did the right thing but, to buy time, I delivered a JPEG with a winking smile, sorry but I had to trigger a reaction and protect me.
  4. Hi! I turn to the community as I have already contacted Fiverr assistance in time (+48 hours ago) without getting an answer. I have an open order with a buyer who apparently has opened more than one with the same purpose (obviously I was unaware). After I did the job, he told me that someone else had already satisfied him and that I could then proceed with the cancellation. I contacted the assistance taking some time, but I have not received an answer and I am close to the delivery deadline. I would like to make a delivery anyway but I fear that in the end he can retaliate on me with the worst reviews. Do you have any advice?
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