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  1. I’ve contacted customer support, the issues are just too big for my project to get around. Not enjoyed doing that but I can’t afford to just accept the mistakes. Thanks again for help.
  2. Hi again everyone, the seller has told me he also has the file in Cmyk, I can’t think how this can be, he’s simply going to switch photoshop to the other mode and lose more quality. On top of this he says he has made it into layers, but again, I requested it made with a separate background layer, the image I have is simply a foreground character cut out of the background, the edges hard as if cut from a magazine. He’s declined my cancellation, the only option I see is to request cancellation again, I’m not sure he’s ever going to agree with me, does fiverr take a look at any point?
  3. I’ve actually decided to go for the cancellation, I’ve explained in detail about the issues and how he’s made it very hard for me to do anything with(intended to be printed hence the colour profile) and more often than not have a different background applied,which was why I wanted the source file and the background on a different layer. I sell online and know what it’s like having customers complain, so I’ve no intention of leaving a bad review at this point, but hopefully he learns from it for future gigs! Thanks so much for all the replies everyone, hopefully I don’t sound like a nightmare customer!
  4. Hi, it makes the file hard to work with. Sadly the psd’s colour profile is Rgb. I feel rather guilty about asking to cancel but Im leaning that way, he seems a nice guy but at the end of the day I don’t think I can use the work. Thanks for your reply.
  5. Thanks Andrew. As both native English speakers I can’t see how he’s not done these simple requirements correctly, in a message when I asked about layers he said he’s not very organised, no kidding!
  6. Thanks for your reply. It was all in the brief, top bullet point was cmyk, bottom bullet point was separate layers. Such a shame. I’m unsure how to cancel! Is it done via the resolution center?
  7. Hi everyone, I’ve run into a problem with my seller who is making a $100 illustration for me. He delivered it on time, 2 days ago. The illustration was to a decent standard, but before accepting the order I contacted him via the chat to just make sure the things we agreed on(resolution, cmyk were, at least 2 layers in source file) were done. Although the resolution was correct, the image/source file was all one layer! Apparently he’d drawn it all as one, quite surprising , but I asked for him to fix that and make it so I could have the background removable as agreed at the start of the job. 36h later he’s come back to me with a quickly cut out layer, and I’ve now seen that the image is also in rgb. Im dissapointed and I think I’m going to struggle to use the image in any of the ways I intended. Just to Clarify, this was done through the chat, not the order revision option. Can anyone(sellers please too) tell me what they think it’s the best way to go with this, I’ve not responded to him yet. Thanks in advance.
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