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  1. WELCOME to Fiverr. Always Bear in Mind some Suggestions: 1.Keep in Online as much as possible if not possible use fiverr app from google play store in mobile so that if a buyer knock you can easily get notified 2.Send Buyer request regularly 3. Use Twitter marketing regular basis with strategic manner but not spamming Happy Fiverr Freelancing
  2. Decreased response rate due to not responding in time Order cancellation reduces order completion rate. I know all of these reasons… But I want some tips and tricks.Thanks
  3. I have got 3 order from July to December :thinking:
  4. Hello FIVERR.Hope that you are well.Basically I am Web designer along with Elementor Expert. Due to Some Medical related Problem,I could not provide proper time to Fiverr last few weeks. Thats why My response rate and Order completion fall down gradually…How can I overcome those problem and I have a traget to level 1 Seller within January.It is also mentionable that I have already completed 3 order along with three 5 Star reviews.Please suggest me some effective tips to get Level 1 Seller within shortest possible time.Thanks in Advance for your cooperation.
  5. Good. Posting your gig repeatedly and spamming on Twitter is not marketing and it does not get sales. Thanks for your valuable suggestions.
  6. Hello FIVERR, Hope you are well. Due to My Father and My sickness, I couldnot provide enough time to Fiverr along with Gig marketing through twitter. Besides, I didint sent any buyer request. Thats why My response rate fall down to 80% and Order completion fall down to 50% though I have already completed 3 order along with 3 good reviews. How can I overcome this troublesome situation. Please let me know the details and make our fiverr journey more enjoyable and pleasant.Thanks a lot for your support.
  7. There are few buyers who are really fraud and unnecessary. How can I recognize them…Please let me know freinds…How can you recognize those fraudulent buyers
  8. Greetings Everyone!! Started my journey as a web designer on Fiverr!! So happy today! Pray for me so that I can get my first order faster! Please, share some tips and instructions with me and also with others!
  9. Due to My Covid Positive, I have cancelled one of my Order…How much harmful effect going on upcoming FIVERR Journey? Please let me know. I am really terrified.
  10. Very very welcome to fiverr best of luck for YOUR future endeavour
  11. Just Increase your Gigs upto 7 and improve your image resolution and grab the order
  12. Not really! hopefully it will not create any probs at all
  13. agree with you…75% ‘I’m new’ 10% ‘Help me improve/get a sale.’ 5% ‘Help I’m confused how to handle a situation.’ 5% Reiteration of bad advice. 4% Incoherent waffle. Then finally: 1% like you
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