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  1. Fiverr works on I pad or it works only on desktop/laptop. as i experience its not working on phone.
  2. Best seller attribute and way of dealing in fiverr ?
  3. Sometime even that does not allows to customize as per requirement
  4. sometime i feel it’s not fair price for my service , though i do create custom offer 6 time but still not convinced
  5. That’s… kind of your job to figure out, as a freelancer. No one knows your skills but you. i saw people charging heavily for same service i am serving in $5 how to raise the price or once i level up i can ?
  6. What will be the best selection of services if someone know altogether digital marketing (affiliate , Copywriting, Running ads and all)and design ?
  7. This gives me a message always look for improvisation though you master on the field, customer satisfaction is utmost important 😍
  8. What are my do’s and don’t on fiverr with buyer and Co-seller ?
  9. To help new seller in fiverr i have created 👉 this if you want to try you can.
  10. Why are not you using 7 gig ? Expecting high showcasing 2 why ?
  11. To get daily order you need to spread the word across all platform, do run facebook, linkedin ad drive traffic through your website, and do check linkdein part time job approach them to get your service through fiverr. And do share gig link where ever you think you have opportunity to get business. foremost important don’t sit and wait for somebody will order you without doing any effort from your end. Hope it will help you to think some strategy
  12. I would suggest that even if you got along famously with this buyer or any buyer here, you refrain from calling them “Sir, madam, bro, honey, sweetie, darlin, dear, sister” etc. Most of your buyers are going to be from countries where this sort of greeting is creepy and implies you have an intimate relationship with the buyer. GG Rightly said and literally “Genuine guidance” by you
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