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  1. Ok again, thank you for your informative suggestions
  2. Thank you but 5 pin use the same gig link?
  3. Actually I Don’t know. I am new on pinterest try to understand.
  4. Yes, read .Fiver says i can do share link social media but does not post about my Fiver service. But i want to know if i share same link with lots of pin in every day .Is it spamming?
  5. How much link can i share in Pinterest pin.I already search this question but i am not satisfied with the answer. Fiver says i can share my link on social media in legal way .Suppose i want crate a pin in Pinterest. Copy my gig link and add a pin. Pinterest user click the image and go to my fiver gig page .Is it legal?if legal how much pin create one day ?Or any way to create a pin with fiver link that does not face any problem.I want to clarify this issue because i get few number order get use Pinterest .Please Explain experience seller.Thank you . I am a new seller in Fiver. If you have any ideas about social media sharing please share with me.
  6. Welcome Good luck. Hope you are sell good service.
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