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  1. I too was promised by CS support said “We’ll make sure it wont affect” ranking but immediately the next day upto months, my gigs went to last page… I give up looking at cancel stats and their seller dashboard already, its just not worth it. Luckily I am active on other freelancing platforms too so even when there’s no clients coming in here in Fiverr.
  2. Sorry to hear you had bad experience. Try not let these bad buyers affect you emotionally. My suggestions: Don’t reply quickly, take a deep breath before you do any actions.Raise your price ( so you won’t attract cheap & low quality buyers)Be active on other freelancing sites too.Move on and don’t think about this too muchHope you’ll get better clients soon 🙂
  3. Unfortunately, this might be the case usually. A simple lie from a client and CS already assisting buyers. CS says they can not “force” buyer to accept orders. Regardless if you send proof (even in screen recording)
  4. I hope they put a button which says “block buyer” in Buyer Request. That simple feature would help Sellers immensely. I don’t use BR anymore. too much negativity on it lately. Some are downright bad. which they only want to pay cheap and even insult sellers. These bad buyers might cancel order later and try to runaway with your work. Respect yourself Sellers, don’t fall for the bad sellers. God bless everyone
  5. Hope they put “Paid” in this title so people that aren’t interested, won’t even read at this topic.
  6. Just don’t rely on Fiverr for your earnings. Be active on other freelancing platform too. Remember that there are a lot there too. Even if buyers are on your “gig page” or even if you are chatting already with them potential buyer. The chat “sidebar” also have links that point to competing gig (Shady right) So competing fiverr gigs are all over the platform. If buyers are easily swayed, its a low quality buyer and risky and might end in cancellation. Just move on and find another client either in Fiverr ot other freelance sites. God bless and hope your situation improves.
  7. This is not a complain or “moaning”, its an attempt to suggest to Fiverr something that could be helpful during Covid times. When emergency or crisis happens those funds matter, especially for countries that have tight budget.
  8. Also maybe a bit of Meditation to keep mind calm and to let new ideas come to you. 🙂
  9. I suggest spending time to improve skills related your gig. It will definitely increase your chance of success.
  10. Ok, you bring in some trust issues there, but that isn’t what I’m talking about. Clearing of funds are fine, but they just are unreasonably long days here in Fiverr. On other freelancing platform, its not that long. Fiverr gamify it and make it a “premium seller” benefits. When one is a fv pro it suppose to be shorter, but I read its too hard to get accepted as pro
  11. Dear Fiverr team, I suggest you to remove that 24 hrs limit you put on withdrawals. You guys have already made sellers wait for so long during those funds clearing. It’s not a security feature but more of an annoyance and not helpful at all. During this Covid times, you just don’t know how important those funds might be for people. Thanks
  12. Downloaded. will read this tonight on my tablet. Thanks
  13. Another Gamification… Fiverr keeps on playing with their UIs. Quite honestly, its just a distraction I think, everytime we go to the orders/chat room we see this. I suggest everyone to treat every buyer or sellers with equal attention and deliver quality of work. No bias, just good works.
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